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Discover the ultimate solution for bandaging particularly small inner diameters and rotation-capable bandaging goods – our innovative Special Bandaging Machine. With the ability to adapt to inner diameters of up to 80 mm, this machine is a true milestone in bandaging technology.

The bandaging head features a two-part magazine and can be fully extended apart to effortlessly insert or remove bandaging goods. This allows for easy handling and maximum flexibility in machine usage.

Thanks to our advanced programmable parameters, you can adjust the band tension precisely to your requirements during the winding process. This ensures precise and reliable bandaging, regardless of the type of material being processed.

Whether it’s small rotating components or delicate parts – our Special Bandaging Machine offers the versatility and performance you need to take your bandaging processes to the next level.

Invest in the future of your production with our Special Bandaging Machine for small inner diameters and rotation-capable bandaging goods. Contact us today to learn more and increase your efficiency


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