LW25S 04 01 Maschine

The LW 25-S is our high top machine with a integrated electrical for all general and high precision linear winding applications. The speed up to 12.000 rpm is one of the high lights. The machine base is welded and after with a milling machine finally machined.  It is mostly used for small size coils with high numbers of turns.  The Hi-Tech controller is available in all languages. The programs can be easily created by a 10.4” colour touch screen. The machine has an USB connection for import or export of winding programs. The programs can also be read and issued in Excel and transferred to the controler as a CSV file. A network connection is possible, as well as remote diagnosis by our service staff.

Another highlight is the moveable working plate under the base plate of the machine. It can be swiveled in or out as required.


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