2533606 LW122 01 01 Maschine 1

The LW 102 and LW 122 are the indispensable heavyweights in your production arsenal. Constructed with a robust, versatile, and stable steel welding frame, they are the ultimate floor machines with tailstock for the most demanding winding tasks. From primary to secondary winding, they effortlessly tackle every challenge.

Equipped with a 3-step gearbox, they can be optionally equipped with an additional reduction gearbox to adapt to specific requirements. Whether handling large winding diameters or the finest wire windings, they always deliver precise results.

Operation is a breeze thanks to the intuitive touchscreen, available in either Android or Windows operating system. Easily program your sequences and keep track of your production. With the USB interface, program input and output has never been easier. And the best part? You are always connected. With network connectivity and remote maintenance options, you stay informed and can intervene from anywhere if necessary.

Of course, we also offer a comprehensive selection of accessories, from wire brakes to wire guides, to ensure that your LW 102 and LW 122 are perfectly tailored to your needs.

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