2506490 LW1000 02 02 Maschine 1

The LW 1002 is a powerhouse in winding technology. With its robust steel welding construction and tailstock, it is ideal for tackling demanding winding tasks with extremely strong wires. Equipped with a 3-step gearbox and an impressive torque of 2400 Nm, it effortlessly handles large winding diameters and multiple flat wire windings.

Operation is intuitive via a 12-inch Android or 15-inch Windows-based touchscreen, available in all languages. Programs can be easily imported and exported via the USB interface. With the option for network connectivity and remote maintenance, you have full control over your production at all times.

Of course, we also offer a wide selection of accessories for the LW 1002, including wire brakes, wire guides, and more, to ensure that your machine is perfectly tailored to your requirements.


pdf icon RUFF_Katalog-LWM_2024 – LW1002