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For more than 75 years, RUFF has been manufacturing both ring winding machines and helical winding machines, and is globally renowned for its highest quality.

In 2002, RUFF expanded its product range to include linear winding machines. The LW models range from small table machines for fine wires to heavy-duty floor machines for winding multiple flat wires.

Since 2005, RUFF has been part of an industrial group specializing in complementing winding technology equipment. The product range includes solder baths, pinning machines, core insertion machines, and box welding machines, with over 30 years of experience.

Thus, we are able to meet most of our customers’ requirements in the transformer, solar energy, automotive, lighting, electromechanical, and electrical industries.

The fact that great things can emerge from small innovative companies is evidenced by various enterprises. We are also an example of this. Founded over 70 years ago in a small agricultural building near Munich, we have specialized in manufacturing high-quality coil winding machines and have since established ourselves as one of the world leaders in this segment. With over 15,000 machines sold and valued by customers in over 100 countries, we have become synonymous with high-tech coil winding machines.

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Our goal is to manufacture high-quality winding machines characterized by quality, performance, and an attractive price-performance ratio. Various factors show that we can handle this task optimally today and in the future:

Our market position and modern production capabilities

Profound technical expertise and decades of experience in coil winding technology.
Production of all mechanical machine parts using state-of-the-art CNC precision machines in our 6,000 m² manufacturing facility.
Our intelligent concepts.

Use of proven bearing components such as advanced PLCs, high-quality drives, and proprietary software programs.
Consistent standards for standard components such as controllers across the entire RUFF machine range.
Modular system with absolute compatibility for upgrades and a high development potential for all series.
Robust RUFF construction with versatile application and expansion options.
Our customer and market orientation

Personal customer consultation worldwide through over 50 country representatives.
Worldwide spare parts delivery within 48 hours.
Based on these points, we are well equipped for the future to drive innovative developments for our customers and to serve as a pioneer for future-oriented technology. See for yourself!