The brand new RUFF toroidal winding machine is an automated version of a hook winding machine. It is designed for strong wires up from 1 mm to 3,5 mm copper wire diameter. The max. wire length for winding is approx. 1,2 mm wire (2 m possible, if winding will be started from the middle of the winding). The FID depends on the wire diameter with the needed hook and is approx. 4-6 time wire diameter. The machine has a small PLC with a 2-line LCD and can be programmed by a very user friendly and easy programming surface. Winding process: manual inserting of toroidal core, fixing of start wire, cut the wire, automatic winding cycle. Typical winding applications are chokes and filters.

The PWM is a toroidal core winding machine based on hook winding technology. Currently only one model is offered. Here, a simple control with a two-line text display is used. The pitch of this machine has its own drive. The pitch and also the index for multi-phase winding is free programmable in the control.

A further development with more wire capacity as well as a further control variant will be soon available.

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