2516934 LW97A 01 01 800Verl 1

The LW 97 is similar to the LW92, but features an electric two-step gearbox. It has been specifically designed for demanding winding tasks with primary and secondary windings in the heavy wire range. With the programmable 2-speed gearbox and powerful servo drive, easy adjustment of the required torques is possible. Additionally, the internal drive belt translation using the pre-installed change gears provides another highly flexible solution for higher speed or torque. Typical applications include thin and heavy wire windings.

The intuitive control is available in all languages. Programming is done via a generous 12-inch touchscreen with Android or a 15-inch touchscreen with Windows operating system. Additionally, the machine features a USB interface for easy input and output of programs. Network connectivity and remote maintenance options are also integrated.

Of course, a wide range of accessories such as wire brakes, wire guides, etc., are available for these models.

pdf icon RUFF_Katalog-LWM_2024 – LW97