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The LW32 represents the pinnacle of modern wrapping technology and is designed to effortlessly handle even the most demanding wrapping tasks. Their improved performance sets new standards and enables even more efficient production.

Thanks to its new control, the LW32 offers user-friendly adjustment and creation of wrapping programs, which further optimizes the efficiency and flexibility of the machine. A versatile universal wrapping machine, it is available in two different laying widths and has a tailstock for additional flexibility.

The intuitive control of the LW32 is available in all languages ​​and enables effortless operation via a generous 12-inch touchscreen with Android or a 15-inch touchscreen with Windows operating system. With the integrated USB interface, programs can be easily imported and exported, while the network connection and remote maintenance option enable smooth communication and monitoring.

Of course, the LW32 also offers a wide range of accessories such as wire brakes and wire guides to meet individual requirements and further increase productivity.

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